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We Clean Baltimore is a trusted, locally owned house cleaning service dedicated to serving the Baltimore community. Our mission is to transform homes across the city, providing a sparkling, healthy environment for our customers. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, eco-friendly practices, and highly trained professionals, we offer an exceptional cleaning experience that enhances the comfort and productivity of your home. Your peace of mind is our priority, as we deliver top-quality, reliable house cleaning services throughout Baltimore.

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At We Clean Baltimore, our aim goes beyond cleaning. We want to create happy, relaxing homes. We are proud to be a highly-rated home cleaning service for Baltimore, MD, and its neighboring areas.

We Clean Baltimore: Unmatched Cleaning Service in Baltimore, MD

We Clean Baltimore takes pride in its status as a top-rated house cleaning service. We believe that a clean home is a happy home, and it’s our mission to spread that happiness to homes in Baltimore and surrounding cities. Our team consists of professionally trained cleaners who know the ins and outs of home cleaning. Armed with a positive attitude, a keen eye for detail, and the best cleaning tools, they’re ready to make your home sparkle. From regular cleaning services to deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and special occasion cleaning, We Clean Baltimore has you covered. We customize our services to fit your unique needs, ensuring your home is cleaned to your satisfaction.

Our Cleaning Services include:

  • Regular Cleaning: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

  • Deep Cleaning: Thorough deep cleaning of all areas, including hard-to-reach spaces, to remove built-up dirt and grime.

  • Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Cleaning service for a fresh start in your new home or to restore your previous residence. Learn More!

  • One-Time Cleaning: Special occasion or specific situation cleaning services.

  • Customized Cleaning: Personalized cleaning checklist to focus on your specific needs and priorities.

  • Additional ServicesOven cleaning, Refrigerator cleaning, And more!

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Baltimore House Cleaning Service

In short, We Clean Baltimore not only cleans your space, but we also contribute to your wellness, productivity, and the overall health of Baltimore. We are more than just a cleaning service, we’re your partner in cleanliness and success.

  1. Sparkling Clean Space: We turn your space from a chaotic mess to a sparkling haven. We don’t just clean, we transform homes and offices into cleaner, healthier, and happier spaces.

  2. Locally Rooted: We are not just a cleaning service; we are part of the Baltimore community. We know every nook and cranny of this city, and we take pride in making it shine.

  3. Professional and Dedicated Staff: Our team is composed of professionals who are thoroughly trained and background-checked. They are not just cleaners; they’re your neighbors who are dedicated to making your spaces spotless.

  4. Eco-Friendly Approach: We care for Baltimore’s environment. Our cleaning methods and products are eco-friendly, so we’re not just cleaning your house, we’re also looking after our city’s future.

  5. Time Saving: Save your valuable time for what really matters. Delegate the cleaning to us, and use those extra hours for your business, family, hobbies or just some well-deserved relaxation.

  6. Flexibility and Convenience: We work around your schedule. Need a clean-up for an unexpected business meeting or family gathering? We’re just a call away. Our services are designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

  7. Customizable Services: Every home and business is unique, so are our cleaning plans. Whether you need a deep cleaning service, regular maintenance, or specific cleaning tasks, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs and preferences.

  8. Exceptional Customer Service: We’re not satisfied until you are. Our customer service doesn’t end when the cleaning is done. We are here to answer your queries, take your feedback, and ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

  9. Cost-Effective: Keeping your house or business clean doesn’t have to break the bank. Our competitive rates, coupled with exceptional service, provide excellent value for your money.

  10. Peace of Mind: No need to worry about unclean spaces or unfinished cleaning chores anymore. With We Clean Baltimore, you get the peace of mind knowing your home or business is in capable, caring hands.

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Baltimore, Maryland, with its vibrant neighborhoods, rich history, and the delightful charm of Inner Harbor, holds a special place in our hearts. We, at We Clean Baltimore, are proud to be a part of this dynamic community. The city’s energy and resilience inspire us every day to provide top-tier house cleaning services to our clients. As a local small business, we’re not just working here, but we’re living, growing, and contributing to the community that we so deeply cherish. We love the opportunity to serve our neighbors, enhance the comfort of their homes, and see our beautiful city thrive. The sense of togetherness here is truly unmatched. We’re not just cleaning homes in Baltimore, we’re investing in the cleanliness, health, and happiness of our beloved community.

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Don’t wait another day to experience the transformative power of a sparkling clean home! Click “Book Now” to schedule your home cleaning service with We Clean Baltimore. If you have any questions or need a custom quote, feel free to “Contact Us”. Step into a cleaner, healthier, happier home today with We Clean Baltimore – your local experts in house cleaning services.

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Customer Testimonials

They did a wonderful job on my move-out clean! Easy to book, friendly team, great overall service. I would highly recommend!

- Jacky E.


They are the best cleaning service in Towson, MD. They are fast efficient and really get to the point. They are responsive and offer great customer service. Will be using them again for a home cleaning.

- Rebecca H.


They are great & I would absolutely recommend the service to anyone. Extremely user friendly & reliable.

- Sany L.


Frequently Asked Questions

We Clean Baltimore primarily services the bustling city of Baltimore, MD, extending our professional cleaning services to a variety of neighborhoods within the city, including but not limited to Federal Hill, Fells Point, Canton, and Mount Vernon. These neighborhoods are known for their unique charm, and we’re proud to help maintain their beauty.

In addition to Baltimore, we serve a broad array of surrounding cities. This includes Towson, known for its vibrant city center and reputable educational institutions. We also serve Catonsville, a historic town with a close-knit community, and Essex, a suburb known for its waterfront views.

Other cities within our service area include Dundalk, boasting a rich industrial history and a revitalized waterfront, and Ellicott City, a picturesque city known for its historic downtown. From the bustling streets of Columbia, renowned for its planned community, to the tranquil landscapes of Bel Air, we’ve got all grounds covered.

And that’s not all. We also cater to Timonium, Pikesville, Owings Mills, and Perry Hall. In all these locations, we offer the same top-notch cleaning services, tailored to the needs of our diverse clientele.

At We Clean Baltimore, we are continuously looking to broaden our horizons and bring our premium cleaning services to more homes. If your city is not listed, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always exploring opportunities to expand our reach and deliver clean, fresh homes far and wide.

Absolutely, we do. At We Clean Baltimore, we supply all the necessary cleaning supplies and tools required to do a top-notch job.

We offer a diverse range of cleaning services designed to suit different client needs. These include regular cleaning for ongoing upkeep of your home, deep cleaning for a thorough, detailed clean, move-in/move-out cleaning for seamless transitions between homes, and cleaning services for special occasions to get your home guest-ready. Each service is tailored to deliver optimal results.

Yes, every single one of our cleaners at We Clean Baltimore is professionally trained and insured. We insist on rigorous training standards to ensure our team is up-to-date on the best cleaning techniques. Furthermore, the insurance cover is there to offer peace of mind to our clients, knowing they’re protected in the rare event of accidents or damages.

Yes, every single one of our cleaners at We Clean Baltimore is professionally trained and insured. We insist on rigorous training standards to ensure our team is up-to-date on the best cleaning techniques.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If, for any reason, you find our cleaning service did not meet your expectations, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means our team will revisit your home and reclean the areas you were unhappy with, all at no additional cost to you.

Absolutely, we have a user-friendly online system designed to make scheduling our services as easy as possible. Our website allows you to choose your preferred service, select a suitable time slot, and book a session in just a few clicks. It’s all designed to make your life easier and more convenient.

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